Active Horses offers mobile therapy treatments that enable horses and their riders to accomplish maximum levels of performance. This is to be achieved through the use of body work and other appropriate therapy modalities.

The benefits of equine body work assists in faster recovery time from workouts, an increased range of motion which can further improve the quality of the horse’s gait, pain relief to restore the horse’s comfort, increases stamina and circulation, and improves disposition of the muscles.

Who can benefit from equine body work?

  1. Horses prone to recurring injuries.
  2. Horses in recovery phase during the rehabilitation stage.
  3. Preventative maintenance for any horse in work to assist with fitness, flexibility and correctness. 

Active Horses have also developed their own therapy range suited to looking after your horse's well being. Our Equine Ice Boots have been carefully designed to meet the needs of your horse. They provide comfort and an even cooling temperature distribution for use after strenuous workouts or when rehabilitating an injury - it's advised that this should be done under supervision by a suitably qualified practitioner. We have also ensured that our boots are easy to use and are compact enough to suit any type of travelling.

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